Set and Setting - Equanimity[2013]

多曲循环 [audio:,]
"Equanimity" was written and recorded throughout the first 10 months of 2012. On June 4th, 2013 the debut album will be released on Vinyl via Science of Silence Records, and Cassette via Forcefield Records. Pre-order the digital album here, and receive an immediate download of the track "Spiraling Uncertainties" and the rest of the album on June 4th. To pre-order the vinyl from Science of Silence Records click the link on the right hand side of this page.
01. Through the Unhindered Break of Day (3:07)
02. Spiraling Uncertainties (7:39)
03. Fear of Obtainment (13:11)
04. Petrichor (2:10)
05. New Age (4:51)
06. The Truth of the Path (7:50)
07. Essence of Paradox (13:41)
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