Erika de Casier - 《Sensational》2021_Qobuz版[Hi-Res_24bit-44.1kHz FLAC]



Erika de Casier - 《Sensational》2021_Qobuz版[Hi-Res_24bit-44.1kHz FLAC]
签约4AD后 Erika de Casier 的第二张专辑《Sensational》中的大多数歌曲都是在隔离时写成,但专辑并没有反映出通常与之相关的感受:孤独,无聊,焦虑,恐惧。 Essentials在处理恋爱痴迷的阶段更多,而Sensational则采取了一种态度,旨在消除寻找爱情的单身女性的刻板印象,解决恋爱戏剧和约会的毒性。
Sensuality is one of the main prerequisites for all soul music, something which Erika de Casier takes to a new level. Before Essentials, her first album which was released on her very own Independent Jeep Music label, the Portuguese-born Dane specialised in bringing dark R&B to the fore as one half of the Saint Cava duo. For her second solo album, Sensational, released on English label 4AD, Erika de Casier talks more about her inner experiences, her regrets and her desires. At the heart of her stylistic make-up lies the legacy of her 90s predecessors, from Aaliyah to Janet Jackson and Brandy among others. And although these famous 20th century voices inhabit the Dane and her style, they certainly do not impede her from venturing into new realms of possibility and sound. Whether it's the Iberian guitars of Someone to Chill With, the violins of Acceptance or the distant UK garage vibes of Drama, this feather-light, cotton-wool-soft album is enhanced with hues which are rare in modern R&B. The fragility of her vocals and the elegance of the production (all co-produced/written with her partner Natal Zaks) make Sensational one of the most original soul albums of the time.



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