Audio Machine音频机器-《Decimus》2015[FLAC]


Audio Machine音频机器-《Decimus》2015[FLAC]


Decimus is a major new release from audiomachine, entirely composed by Paul Dinletir, the company’ co-founder.
Recorded live at the Abbey Road studios in London with a large ensemble – 99 musicians and 80 singers – Decimus ranges from dark and massive hybrid tracks to heroic and inspiring orchestral pieces, including dramatic and epic compositions.
“In the pantheon of Epic Music gods, only a chosen few can harness the absolute power of a live orchestra, massive choir and the legendary Abbey Road Studios”, audiomachine announces. “Experience audiomachine’s signature sound on Decimus”.
Decimus is the fourth solo album from “epic mind” Paul Dinletir, following the successful Epica, Helios and Phenomena. Like these previous albums, Decimus will probably be released to the public several months after the initial industry release. The album is available for listening on audiomachine’s website.

01. The Lion's Heart
02. Forgive Our Trespasses
0. Ashes of Time
04. Decimus
05. Tangled Earth
06. Warland's Fury
07. Obsidian
08. Voyage of Dreams
09. in Light
10. Unbroken
11. Kingbreaker
12. Land of Ice and Fire
13. Attack on the Winter Wall
14. By the Hand of the Mortal
15. Ten Thousand Slain


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