Laura Cannell《Beneath Swooping Talons》[320K/MP3]

Laura Cannell《Beneath Swooping Talons》[320K/MP3]
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Laura Cannell's Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth seemed to emerge from nowhere last year, or rather, it seemed to have burrowed up from the earth of her native East Anglia, breaking out into the light after centuries buried in an ancient, yet somehow timeless, vault. Her instruments are traditional: fiddle and recorder, and even her approach to both has echoes of medieval tradition, and yet the music on her solo debut sounded as fresh and innovative as it was steeped in history and tradition. Add in the strangeness of the album, its intangible evocation of folkish mysteries and the stark landscapes of East Anglia's coasts, and it was debut overflowing with beauty to engage the mind and soul. Less and the year later, Cannell repeats the trick with her follow-up, Beneath Swooping Talons, and even takes the promise of her magnificent debut to fresh heights.
1.All The Land Ablaze
2.For Sorrow Salt Tears
3.Deers Bark
4.Be Not Afeard
5.Two Winters
6.Cathedral of the Marshes
7.Conversing in a Dream
8.Time Burns Falling Stars
10.Born From the Soil

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