Amorphis - 《Under the Red Cloud》高品质音乐

Amorphis - 《Under the Red Cloud》高品质音乐
文件类型:320K.MP3高品质音乐 免费
音乐风格:死亡金属 Death Metal, 前卫金属 Progressive Metal, 旋律死亡金属 Melodic Death Metal
AMORPHIS的名字来源于”amorphous”即”未决定的形态”。AMORPHIS这支乐队由于对新的风格不断琢磨改进而闻名,从92年发行的Death Metal专集”The Karelian Isthmus”,到94年加入键盘融合traditional heavy metal,doom,death metaland ‘70s progressive rock风格的专集”Tales From The Thousand Lakes”,96年那张混合嗓音清澈见底,充满大量精彩键盘,迷幻般的吉他音色的”Elegy”,而此时乐队的成员也由最初的两人变成了六人,他们的歌词充满了诗意引人入盛, 99年AMORPHIS在沉默了一段时间又推出了”Tunela”,这张专集与”Elegy”又有大的区别,这张专集已经是倾向于旋律为主线的摇滚乐,你很难将他们与这之前的任何专集挂上钩,也因此导致了乐迷的大幅度更新.
Finnish masters of Melancholic Metal, AMORPHIS, are pleased to announce the release of their new upcoming album »Under The Red Cloud«. The worldwide release is scheduled for September, 04th via Nuclear Blast.
“The album is titled »Under The Red Cloud« and the artwork is done by Valnoir Mortasonge,“ guitarist Esa Holopainen states. “Valnoir is well known from his works for LAIBACH, PARADISE LOST, WATAIN, BEHEMOTH and many more. It was a great pleasure to work with him as he catched the lyrical topics really well. Colors and details describe the music perfectly.
1.Under the Red Cloud -Amorphis
2.The Four Wise Ones
3.Bad Blood
4.The Skull
5.Death of a King
7.Dark Path
8.Enemy at the Gates
9.Tree of Ages
10.White Night
11.Come the Spring
12.Winter's Sleep