DJ Tyrone - 《Trap+Twerk精选专辑.01》[MP3]

DJ Tyrone - 《Trap+Twerk精选专辑.01》[MP3]
文件类型:320K.MP3高品质音乐 免费
音乐风格:陷阱舞曲 Trap, 陷阱说唱 Trap Rap
国内知名DJ-DJ Tyrone
1.Consequences ft. Juliette Claire (Original Mix) - DABUTES
2.Beachhouse (Original Mix) - Beganie;Beatz x Maxje
3.Boston Shit (Original Mix) - Barely Alive
4.Blow It (Dirty) - Clayton William,Jonn Hart,Antonio Fresco
5.Cool For the Summer (Dustin Que Remix) - Demi Lovato
6.You Know You Like It (Keith MacKenzie & Fixx Bootleg Remix) - AlunaGeorge
7.Bang Bang Bang (Original Mix) - BIGBANG
8.Rolling In The Deep (Jass Remix) - Madd
9.Hands Up (Original Mix) - 8er$, Hpntk
10.What You Want (Trap Clean) - DJ Tyrone
11.808 Thump (Trap Clean Short Edit) - All Gold
12.Sweat (Original Mix) - Bad Royale, Nina Dioz
13.Outside (Barbadoso Remix) - Calvin Harris x Ellie Goulding
14.Upgrade U (Knock2 Twerk Remix) - Beyonce,Jay-Z
15.Toxic (Jupiter Son Remix) - Britney Spears

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