The Jesus and Mary Chain - Live At Barrowlands

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Live At Barrowlands
The Jesus and Mary Chain's iconic Psychocandy celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. In its honor, the band embarked on a short run of UK shows at which they performed the album in full. The first of these dates took place last November at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow, and marked the band's first live appearance since 2008. Now, the Jesus and Mary Chain continue their anniversary celebration with Live At Barrowlands, a 10” + LP + CD deluxe package featuring the concert in its entirety, along with a book, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and more. It arrives July 31 via Demon, with a CD-only version planned for later this year.
In addition to the live LP, Live at Barrowlands comes packaged with a 40-page hardback book, as well as a CD loaded with the JAMC's set, plus extra content (interviews, behind-the-scenes photos). The 10”, meanwhile, features an assortment of tracks (“April Skies”, “Head On”, “Reverence” engineered by legendary engineer Noel Summerville (My Bloody Valentine, The White Stripes).
1.April Skies (Live)
2.Head On (Live)
3.Some Candy Talking (Live)
4.Psychocandy (Live)
5.Up Too High (Live)
6.Reverance (Live)
7.Upside Down (Live)
8.Just Like Honey (Live)
9.The Living End (Live)
10.Taste the Floor (Live)
11.The Hardest Walk (Live)
12.Cut Dead (Live)
13.In a Hole (Live)
14.Taste of Cindy (Live)
15.Never understand (Live)
16.Inside Me (Live)
17.Sowing Seeds (Live)
18.My Little Underground (Live)
19.You Trip Me Up (Live)
20.Something's Wrong (Live)
21.It's So Hard (Live)

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