Phil Collins《菲尔·柯林斯-有声情书 AQCD 2CD》[WAV无损]

Phil Collins《菲尔·柯林斯-有声情书 AQCD 2CD》[WAV无损]
章的心情,亲自挑选汇整成此张意义非凡的精选大碟《Love Songs…A Compil
ation Old & New》,每首歌曲都藏着一份对爱情与人生的澎湃情感,像是伤痕累
累、突破爱情困境的"Against All Odds"、努力挽回爱情的"One More Night"、
不堪回首往日恋情伤痕的"Do You Remember?"、描写难以平复的爱恋心情的"
Everyday"、别离瞬间中藏不住的热情的"Can't Stop Loving You"、拥抱亲情大
爱的"You'll Be In My Heart"…等,专辑中同时藉由选唱"My Girl"、"Somewhe
re"、"The Way You Look Tonight"等流行名曲,传达自己内心深处与这些歌曲
01. Tearin And Breaking
02. Do You Remember?
03. One More Night
04. Against All Odds
05. Can't Turn Back The Years
06. Groovy Kind Of Love
07. Everyday
08. Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
09. Please Come Out Tonight
10. This Must Be Love
11. It's In Your Eyes
12. Can't Stop Loving You
13. Testify
14. True Colors
15. You'll Be In My Heart
16. If Leaving Me Is Easy
17. I've Been Trying
18. I've Forgotten Everything
19. Somewhere
20. Least You Can Do
21. Two Hearts
22. Separate Lives
23. My Girl
24. Always
25. The Way You Look Tonight

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