Despairation《New World Obscurity》高音质音乐

Despairation《New World Obscurity》高音质音乐
Martin Jungkunz : 吉他, Programming
Christian Beyer : 键盘
Sascha Blach : 主音
Jens Reinhold : 鼓
Manuel Brunner : 贝斯
Andreas Polig : 吉他
Melanie Damm : 键盘
1.Not Afraid
2.Falling Into Afterlife
3.New World Obscurity
4.The Orwellian Agenda
5.White Voice, Random Noise
6.What A Strange Day Today
7.Poison From The Sky
8.Bloody Valentine
9.Aboard The Ship Of Fools
10.Suicide Avenue
13.Postmodern Mephisto
14.Atomic Blue
Despairation《New World Obscurity》高音质音乐

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