Innsmouth《The Shadow Over Innsmouth》320K高音质音乐


Innsmouth《The Shadow Over Innsmouth》320K高音质音乐.文件类型:320K.MP3

组建于2012年的丹麦Technical Death Metal乐队。
Technical Death Metal with an eerie Lovecraftian horror/sci-fi vibe. The debut album by Innsmouth features brutal & technical metal mixed with plenty of influence from the 80´ shred metal scene. Made by musicians who have not been willing to comprimise their musical values and who value virtuosity. 'The over Innsmouth' is full of demonic vocals, bonecrushing riffs, menacing bass and heavy amounts of extreme shredding. For fans of Nile, Cacophony, , Necrophagist etc.

1 Vomiting a Hole In The Soul
2 Dreams of Slowly Drowning
3 Ritual of Chud
4 Under The Pyramids
5 Clatu Verata Nictu
6 Reanimator
7 The Colour Out of Space
8 The Shadow Over Innsmouth


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