Ruinside《10 Forms Of Dominion》芬兰金属狂潮


Ruinside《10 Forms Of Dominion》芬兰金属狂潮.文件类型:320K.MP3高音质音乐

组建于2005年的芬兰Melodic Thrash Metal乐队。
Only really seriously started since 2010 is the Finnish . Their debut album 'The Hunt' received much critical acclaim. It was a melodic thrash record with some exploratory movements with keyboards and strings. Unfortunately the band (after the release of this debut album) had to cope with the fact that their bassist died in a car accident. Definitely a setback. After the understandable period of reflection '10 Forms Of Dominion ' lies in front of . It is a more 'straightforward' album that lets the strings and keyboards go and again focuses on the basic thrash sound. Melodic thrash metal it is in the ten songs so we only hear drums, guitars, bass and vocals. The melodic thrash has some progressive elements. The vocals make the whole sound resemble bands like Helstar or Nevermore. Hard thrash metal with fast, fierce riffs and sometimes difficult vocal melodies. The production is very modern, but maybe a little clinical. I personally do not mind if there is a little raw edge to the music. All in all it is a big step forward for the band.

1 The Fall
2 The Sickness
3 Dethroned To Be Thriven
4 Corridors Of
5 Dancing To The Demon's Tune
6 The Beginning Of Nothingness
7 In The Arms Of Bitterness
8 Juggernaut
9 Chambers Of
10 Checkmate
Cycle Of Slavery


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